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Wednesday, January 16 2013

Political Action

Ensuring Freedom for All Americans

Even though a majority of American Catholics support full LGBT freedom and equality, our church hierarchy is aggressively blocking basic freedoms in legislative actions and political campaigns throughout the United States.  The U.S. bishops are funneling tax-deductible donations given by ordinary parishioners to parishes, schools, and Catholic Charities to finance political campaigns aimed at denying LGBT citizens basic American freedoms. Catholic elected officials who support basic freedoms for LGBT people to work, to create a family, to serve our country, and unite immigrant families are under increasing pressure from the hierarchy to renounce their beliefs in basic American freedom and fairness.  The bishops are supporting political organizations, politicians, and religious fundamentalists whose positions and records are repugnant to many of our best Catholic social justice values and American traditions.

Catholics for Equality will identify, support, and mobilize the voices of freedom loving Catholics to take effective political action on behalf of our LGBT family members, friends, co-workers, and fellow citizens.

Research and Polling

We will analyze existing research and polling on Catholic opinion on LGBT civil and human rights issues and identify needed research.

Catholic Voter Identification

We will work with allies to build a nationwide network of pro-equality Catholic voters.

Catholic Voter Education

We will produce fact-based informational materials and undertake public education campaigns to move Catholic voters on LGBT civil and human rights issues.

Catholic Voter Mobilization

We will organize Catholic voters to get to the polls and vote in city, county and state ballot measures affecting the LGBT community.

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