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Wednesday, January 16 2013

Junior Fellowships


Catholics for Equality is actively recruiting talented and dedicated individuals for Fall and Spring semester Junior Fellow positions.  Catholics for Equality Junior Fellows will be trained and offered hands on experience, working in cultural and political campaigns and non-profit management.

  • Junior Fellows, able to serve in Washington, DC, will assist in campaign strategy and development, research, communications and social media outreach.
  • Junior Fellows, able to serve in ballot initiative states, will be trained in grassroots organizing and electoral campaigns, and will be direct conduits between the Catholics for Equality headquarters in Washington, DC and the statewide campaign leadership.

If you have skills or interest in political campaigns, legislative campaigns. cultural campaigns, theological research, sociology, communications, Internet strategy, field organizing, or fundraising -- or are passionate about mobilizing pro-equality American Catholics, please send your resume along with the time period and state you can be available to serve, to  admin@catholicsforequality.org.

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