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Wednesday, January 16 2013

July 4th Catholic Social Justice Vigil & Barbeque


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Bishops: We Need Pastors, Not Politicians.  Your Election Year Antics are Hurting the Church!

On July 4th, Tell Our Bishops:

"We Need Pastors, Not Politicians.

Your Election Year Antics are Hurting the Church!"

Dear Catholics for Equality supporter,

You might have heard about the "Fortnight for Freedom," the Catholic bishops' campaign opposing contraception for employees of Catholic institutions, such as universities and hospitals or their arguments that they should be able to receive government funding for social programs that discriminate against LGBT citizens. While there are legitimate violations of religious liberty in the United States - Alabama's new immigration law comes to mind - the bishop's campaign is overly partisan and hyperbolic.

Simply put, we need our bishops to be pastors, not politicians. For the past several weeks, the bishops have organized events across the country, telling America that they are the real victims of society. The closing Mass for their "Fortnight" will be held in Washington, DC on Independence Day -- with every conservative Catholic bishop in attendance and the event being broadcast live by ETWN. It is vital that pro-equality/social justice Catholics make our voices heard.

Will you help show Cardinals Dolan and Wuerl, Archbishops Lori, Chaput and Sartain -- as well as the national media -- that there are plenty of Catholics and people of faith who don't want election year politics injected into our houses of worship?

Catholics for Equality has joined hands with Catholics United and several other fair-minded and faithful Catholic social justice groups in organizing a peaceful protest outside the closing Mass for the bishops' "Fortnight for Freedom" on Wednesday, July 4, at 11:30 am. The Mass will take place at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (400 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington, DC)

We will gather across the street from the Basilica with a giant banner that reads, Bishops: We Need Pastors, Not Politicians, Your Antics are Hurting the Church. We'll also have flyers on hand with alternate Prayers of the Faithful that can be read in lieu of the hyperbolic petitions that will be read in church.

After the peaceful protest, our friends at Catholics United have invited us to join them for a July 4th BBQ, around the corner from the Basilica. Donations will be accepted for the With Charity for All Catholic social justice campaign.

Please join us for the Independence Day peaceful protest outside of bishops' "Fortnight for Freedom" Mass. Let's show the bishops that Catholics don't buy their phony victimization campaign! Click here to RSVP!

Will you stand with us?


Phil Attey - headshot
Yours in the united stand for equality,

signature: Philip M.J. Attey, II

Phil Attey, Executive Director



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