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Wednesday, January 16 2013

Official Launch Press Call


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Members of the Press:

Thank you for joining us today for the Catholics for Equality Press Call.   If you missed the call, we have the podcast available to you here.


The beginning of the call was not recorded, however, transcripts of the welcome and briefings are below.  Please join the call already in progress, with Anne Underwood speaking:



Phil Attey, Acting Executive Director (welcome)

Anne Underwood, Esq., Board Member  (U.S. Catholic bishops and increasing political activity)

Dr. Joseph Palacios, Board Member (current polling of American Catholics on LGBT issues)

Patsy Trujillo, Board Member (the importance of Latino Catholic outreach)

Aniello Alioto, Board Member (new media and grassroots campaigns)

Also on the call were board members Tony Adams, Charles Martel and Eugene McMullan

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