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Wednesday, January 16 2013

The Galluccio Family of New Jersey Testifies for Equality!


The Galluccio Family

It was better than the series finale of The Sopranos!

Last week, Catholics for Equality had the opportunity, before the New Jersey State Assembly Judicial Committee, to testify for marriage equality.   As we reported earlier, more powerful than anything in our organizational testimony of polling and statistics were the raw and emotional testimonies from the multitude of pro-equality NJ Catholics who stepped up to fill the hearing room and speak from their hearts.

Especially powerful were the many Catholic parents who stepped forward to testify for their lesbian gay children.  But few involved three generations of Catholics like the Galluccio Family.


(video courtesy of Blue Jersey)

The courtroom was silent when an emotional Madison Galluccio expressed the pain of watching her family being treated as second class citizens.  She and her brother Adam came to the hearing to ask New Jersey to treat her fathers Michael and Jon Galluccio as legally equal to the parents of her other friends.  Michael and Jon Galluccio spoke as well, and then Michael's father, Adolph Galluccio, took the microphone.

Adolph Galluccio came to the hearing with his wife of 51 years, Dorothy to as he put it, "to come out of the shadows" and support his son's family.   Like many older Catholics from "big Italian families" Adolph didn't at first welcome the news that his son was gay.  But like most Catholics, he knows love and committment when he sees it and over the past 30 years has watched Michael and Jon build a strong family, providing him with two beautiful grandchildren to be proud of.   Adolph and Dorothy also have three heterosexual children, who have also built wonderful families of their own.   And with the simple statement, "treat our four families the same," Aldoph summarizes what every American grandparent wants for their family.

Catholic families like the Galluccios have a powerful impact on how policy makers look at laws that affect LGBT people and our entire Catholic community. Please ask your Catholic family to use our online action center to send powerful Catholic-specific messages to their Members of Congress on this important piece of related legislation:

Lastly, please encourage them to lend their voice to the campaign. And if you can, please help us financially by making a contribution today.

Thank you for your support for equality!

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