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Wednesday, January 16 2013

Featured Family - The Miller Family of Maine


The Miller Family in Maine

The Miller Family in Maine

My husband and I met at Boston College, and have been blessed with four healthy, beautiful, children.  We were both raised as Roman Catholics and are raising our four children in the Church. One of our daughters is currently a student at BC.  Many family members have also attended BC and my husband attended Fairfield Prep, a Jesuit high school. We have tried our best to live our lives honoring the Jesuit teachings of social justice and service to others, and have tried to pass these values on to our children.

It is with increasing sadness and frustration that we have seen the Church undermine the civil rights of our LGBT brothers and sisters in the state of Maine, regarding marriage equality.  I personally have been in conflict about attending mass as regularly as I once did, and am feeling less compelled to make my 14 year old son attend, as he is well aware of the Catholic Church in Maine campaigning against marriage equality.  The role, particularly that of financial support, that the Diocese of Portland took in the campaign against marriage equality was upsetting to our entire family.  This is the reason that I will not donate money to the Diocese of Portland Bishop's Appeal, and instead send our family charitable contributions directly to social service agencies that provide to the poor and needy populations in our community and the world. Almost everyone I know has a friend or loved one that is affected by the issue of marriage equality. 

My marriage has been one the true blessings in my life.  We just celebrated our 25th anniversary.  As the saying goes, "What would Jesus do?"  I personally don't think He would deny our LGBT brothers and sisters the joy and the benefits of committed love, and sharing their lives deeply and honestly with one they love.

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